Key policies I will continue working hard on as a member of the Waipapa/Papanui-Innes-Central Community Board:

Governance and engagement

Increase Council / Community Board communication and engagement with the local community, building on my experience running Think Papanui.

As a personal contribution to youth engagement: continue mentoring young people who would like to explore local government and civic leadership – ongoing since 2021.


Support the St Albans community to mitigate (not just manage) the traffic impacts of the Christchurch Northern Corridor motorway.

Maximise the benefits to the community from reduced traffic on Main North Road when the Christchurch Northern Corridor opens.

Provide travel options to reduce dependence on single-occupant fossil-fuelled vehicles.

Recreation and culture

With community input, continue to work towards youth / community facilities for the Papanui and Redwood areas. Council funding for both has been secured during the 2019-22 term.

Grow the annual Whakaoho Papanui community event.

Question for readers

Would you like to know more about anything listed here? Would you like to know my view on any other issues? Please contact me.

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