Council Start Work Notices

Start Work Notices relevant to the Papanui-Innes area published by the Christchurch City Council. Notices are listed in descending date order, and are generally in PDF format.

This is an informal source of information – best efforts will be made to maintain it as a service to the community, but it may not be complete or up to date. See the contact details on each Notice for further info, or for official City Council information check, or contact the Council.


Recently-added notices:

  • 14 Feb 2020: Dee Street & Malvern Street closures (downstream of the CNC) 427KB PDF
  • 12 Feb 2020: Forfar Street sewer renewal 236KB PDF
  • 10 Feb 2020: Cranford Street stormwater project works (downstream of the CNC) 174KB PDF

Older notices:

  • 3 Feb 2020: Update: Main North Road Bus Priority Lane Improvements 203KB PDF
  • 31 Jan 2020: Paddington Park Playground Renewal 67KB PDF
  • 29 Jan 2020: Installing traffic lights as part of new changes to Barbadoes / Warrington intersection (downstream of the CNC) 701KB PDF
  • 28 Jan 2020: Cranford Street, Malvern Street, Dee Street intersections (downstream of the CNC) 917KB PDF
  • 24 Jan 2020: Transport projects in St Albans, Edgeware and Mairehau (downstream of the CNC) 832KB PDF
  • 24 Jan 2020: St Albans Sewer Renewals (Dee Street) 73KB PDF
  • 22 Jan 2020: Sewer Renewals – Christchurch Central (Barbadoes St between Bealey Ave & Canon St) 73KB PDF
  • 17 Jan 2020: Flockton Wastewater Renewals (Speight Street) 74KB PDF
  • 15 Jan 2020: St Albans Community Centre 62KB PDF
  • 6 Jan 2020: Main North Road Bus Priority Lane Upgrades 589KB PDF


  • 12 Dec 2019: Bullers Stormwater Facility – Coir Mat Removal & Pipe Repair 129KB PDF
  • 9 Dec 2019: Main North Road Bus Priority Lane Modifications A3 format 658KB PDF or A4 format 1MB PDF
  • 9 Dec 2019: Warden Street Reconstruction 1MB PDF
  • 2 Dec 2019: Grassmere Water Supply Pump Station – New well drilling 419KB PDF
  • 18 Nov 2019: Sewer Renewals – Canon Street 65KB PDF
  • 24 Oct 2019: Sewer Renewals – Madras Street 56KB PDF
  • 23 Oct 2019: Sisson Drive, Langdons Rd, Restell St and Winston Ave Speed Zone
    Changes – Minor Safety Improvements 1MB PDF
  • 18 Oct 2019: Belfast Water Supply Pump Station – New Well Drilling 1MB PDF