Papanui and Burnside High School zones for 2020 and beyond

Update: in March 2019 I wrote an article covering the Christchurch Secondary Schools enrolment scheme consultation, which was underway at that time. The boundary between the Papanui and Burnside High School zones was proposed to move closer towards Papanui. After a coordinated consultation process (details of which remain available on the Shaping Education website), it was subsequently left to individual schools to communicate outcomes to their communities. So, what has happened?

Papanui High School: 2020 zone

Papanui High School’s zone for 2020, from the school’s website

Details of Papanui High School’s zone for 2020 can be found on the school’s website. Last year’s proposed changes have largely been implemented – Kainga and Brooklands are now in-zone, and there have been some other minor tweaks. An expansion of the school’s zone into the central city did not go ahead.

Burnside High School: 2020 zone

BHS 2020
Burnside High School’s zone for 2020, from the school’s website

Likewise, details of Burnside High School’s zone for 2020 can be found on that school’s website. The changes proposed last year have all been implemented, which includes expansion into parts of Fendalton, Merivale, St Albans, and the central city.

Looking further ahead

BHS 2022 expansion
Burnside High School’s zone from 2022 (expansion indicated in red), from the school’s website

Burnside High School’s zone is set to expand further into Bishopdale and Papanui from the 2022 school year. I understand that Papanui High School has, at this stage, chosen not to withdraw from the same area, meaning residents there will be in-zone for both schools. I’m informed that the Ministry of Education will continue to monitor the roll at Papanui High School, and this overlap area would be one that the school’s zone could withdraw from in the future should they become at risk of overcrowding.

Bonus link for school zone information

TKI screenshot with PHS 2020 zoneIf you would like an interactive map of the zones for Papanui or Burnside High School, or for any other school in the country, head to and type the name of the school of interest into the ‘facility name’ search box at the top of the screen. Maps and other information on this site is hosted by Te Kete Ipurangi – the online knowledge basket – an initiative of the Ministry of Education.

Question for readers

What are your thoughts on the changes being made to school zones in our area?

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