Response to Nor’West News question

During September 2016 Papanui Ward candidates were asked the following question by the Nor’West News:

Q: What should be done about the traffic congestion in the ward, particularly along roads like Main North Rd, Cranford St and Papanui Rd? Is rail an option that should be pursued? (limit: 100 words)

My answer was published in the 20 September edition:

A: Reduction of traffic congestion has been a priority for the current Shirley-Papanui Community Board, and if elected I will support continued work in this area. We can expect construction of the Northern Corridor to begin soon – this project will have a massive impact on traffic flows, and the new Papanui-Innes Community Board will need to continue to work with affected residents. Rail as a commuter option was assessed unfavourably in 2014, but alternative public transport options such as light rail need to be considered, as well as the Board supporting ongoing work on cycleways and fine-tuning of the bus network.

NorWest News 20 Sep 16

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