Response to Christchurch Youth Council question

My response to a question from the Christchurch Youth Council ahead of their Youth Focus Q&A event on 27 September 2016:

Q: If elected how will you ensure young people are engaged? (200 words): 
A: If elected I will be looking to establish a mentoring relationship with a young person within my ward who would like to explore local government and civic leadership. This is a contribution to youth engagement I can make at a personal level, and is intended to be a learning exercise for me as well as the young person.

I will be a strong supporter of initiatives that my local Community Board already has underway, such as resourcing local organisations that work with young people, and also directly funding (and hearing feedback from) young people seeking assistance to participate in cultural and sporting activities.

It is also important that the Community Board considers young people when making local decisions and when advocating for the community with the City Council. The best way to do this is through relationship, and I believe we can strengthen relationships and increase youth participation with the Community Board – for example including young people in community leaders’ forums; ensuring that information about Board agendas, decisions, and funding opportunities are accessible; and that young people know how to engage with Council staff and Board members.

Youth Focus response

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