Nor’West News: “Papanui candidates step up for October elections”

Today I’ve announced that I’ll be a Papanui Ward candidate in this year’s local body elections. Thanks Nor’West News for covering this:

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The full article also can be found in the online edition of the 12 March Nor’West News.

Papanui candidates step up for October elections

By Julia Evans

THREE CANDIDATES may vie to represent Papanui at the city council table in the local body elections.

Think Papanui founder Simon Britten will run in the October elections, although he hasn’t decided whether to challenge for the city council or Papanui-Innes Community Board. If he runs for council, he will take on incumbent Mike Davidson for a seat at the city council table. Last week, Papanui-Innes board member John Stringer said he would also run in the ward. So far it is the only area to have more than one candidate confirmed to stand.

Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board chairman Sam MacDonald will run for the Waimairi Ward, but current city councillor Raf Manji is not standing.

In 2016, Mr Britten was beaten for a Papanui Ward spot on the community board by Mr Stringer and deputy chairwoman Emma Norrish. In the same year, he founded the Think Papanui Facebook page which shares information on city council consultations, community board agenda items and decisions, local projects, and other community work.

Mr Britten said he would decide whether he was running for the board or city council before the nominations closed in July. “An elected role representing this community represents something I’m really passionate about . . . I also think it would be something I would be good at, I have the right skill set.”

Mr Britten has been a leader at Papanui-based community development organisation Te Ora Hou Otautahi since 2011 and has volunteered for the Papanui Youth Development Trust. He is also on the Casebrook Intermediate School board of trustees.
[Correction: I am a former member of the Casebrook Intermediate School Board of Trustees.]

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