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Commentary: I really appreciate it when people take the time to comment on Think Papanui’s Facebook and Instagram posts. Recently someone asked on Think Papanui’s Facebook: “Has this post been paid for?”. I’m happy to take this as an opportunity to clarify both Think Papanui’s editorial policy, and also some of my own personal views.

Think Papanui

Think Papanui is neutral, independent, sticks to the facts, and doesn’t editorialise. Think Papanui’s only agenda is its focus on encouraging community participation, especially with local government.

The post that prompted the question about editorial independence included some facts:

  • Papanui-based ‘World’s Largest Gun Store’ Gun City is lobbying against the fast-tracking of tighter controls around semi-automatic firearms.
  • public submissions on the Bill to reform the Arms Act must be made by 6:00pm on Thursday 4 April 2019

TP post

It was also worded to encourage public participation in the Parliamentary process (“Do you want to have your say? … See the link in Dr Duncan Webb’s post for more information, including a link to the Bill and an online submission form.”)

That’s all pretty standard wording for a Think Papanui post, and no opinion is expressed or implied.

My personal views

Think Papanui is neutral and doesn’t editorialise and I’m Think Papanui’s founder and curator, however I have no shortage of opinions and am happy to share.

I have already publicly shared several comments in relation to firearms reform:

  • I’m shocked that up until now it was so easy in New Zealand to access a semi-automatic AR-15 with a high capacity magazine.
  • I’ve submitted in favour of the Arms Amendment Bill.

I’m pretty easy to get hold of, so if you want to know more about where I stand on any particular issue, please feel free to contact me.

You can also follow me, either here or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Question for readers

Do you have any questions about Think Papanui’s editorial independence?


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