Simon’s May 2023 newsletter: Good news on cycleways, hello LGNZ

CBEC members at our inaugural meeting at LGNZ’s Wellington office in March.

The Wheels to Wings – Papanui ki Waiwhetū major cycle route has featured in a number of my recent newsletters, and it will again today, but first let’s start with some good news on the Northern Line MCR.

Green light for Northern Line cycleway crossings and missing sections

This week the Council approved the detailed design of incomplete sections of the Northern Line major cycleway route. Staff emphasised that Council were being asked to approve the ‘lines and signs’ associated with an already-approved scheme design, and advised that construction of missing sections north of Northcote Road can start next month. Crossing upgrades at Harewood, Langdons, and Sawyers Arms Roads are due to commence in late 2023. For details, see page 5 onwards in the meeting agenda.

Read the full newsletter on Substack:

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